Standing gracefully in a black /Grey presentation box, a firm contrast, to the vivid colours of our ClassicRoses, Classic Boutique Plaza radiates an understated beauty that will never go unnoticed. Whether dazzling a guest as they lie subtly on that coffee table, a final touch it’s been waiting for, or taking someone’s breathe away as a gift, Classic Boutique Plaza is a signature arrangement that only our experienced florists could create.

Available in 200x200x150mm and all the colours of our exclusive ClassicRoses, including mix. The choice of colour may cause the number of roses used per size to vary, this is due to the different head sizes of our varieties of ClassicRoses.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, their light weight and elegant presentation makes them perfect for travelling with. The roses are also cut short which promotes a longer life span.

With a square, clean-cut design, Plaza creates a statement without bravado, an assured and classic presence that will always glow, wherever they are placed.

Classic Rose Box

  • London's finest Ecuador roses - directly sourced from four carefully selected Ecuadorian farms with certified by FlowerLabelProgram, Flor Ecuador and the Rainforest Alliance to meet the highest social, labour and environmental standards.


    Ecuadorian roses have significantly larger heads, stronger stems and a better vase life than any other rose.